Why did we build Hydra?

We wanted to make it easier for you to tailor your software ecosystem to suit the needs of modern real estate business.

Allow us to explain...

The long answer...

Over the past 25 years of providing real estate software consultancy, our goal has always been to help our clients get the best out of the technology available.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt during that time, it’s that one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Every organisation is different and a big part of the work we do involves trying to bridge the gap between what’s available and what our clients really need.

The unfortunate reality is that, when separate systems refuse to talk to each other or the required features are not readily available, the cost of developing a one-off solution can be prohibitively high. You’re left with two equally unappetising options: change the way you work to fit your software, or develop awkward, time-consuming workarounds outside of it.

Having seen our clients run up against the same issues again and again, we decided to do something about it. That’s why we created Hydra.

What is Hydra?

We’re calling Hydra a “digital solution builder”. That’s because it’s not a single solution or app. Instead, it’s a user-friendly platform comprising a range of tools that make it easy to connect your existing systems, enhance their effectiveness and add powerful new capabilities.

For the first time, Hydra makes adapting your real estate software to suit the needs of modern real estate business a fast and cost-effective process. It really is so simple that you can use it yourself—or you can ask us to build something for you.

Hydra is designed to work with major software platforms and common real estate processes. You can also craft your own custom tools, workflows and portals with minimal tech expertise required. Hydra’s quick connectors will even allow you to create code-free API integrations to link different systems together and close the gaps in your ecosystem.

With Hydra you have the technology you need to solve the problems, in your own way. Your potential to save time and improve the way you work is almost limitless.

What can Hydra do?

Summing up what Hydra can do in just a few words is tricky—it’s as open-ended as it is powerful—but here are just a few examples to give you an idea of the possibilities:

Supercharge Your Reporting
Effortlessly combine data from multiple sources, auto-generate reports, replace spreadsheets with live drillable dashboards, and collaborate in real time.

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SmartForms, Workflows & Automation
Design and manage SmartForms, create sophisticated cross-system workflows and save significant amounts of time by automating routine tasks.

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Tenant Portals, Client Portals, Team Portals...all the portals!
Deliver tailored experiences across your entire portfolio with beautifully crafted, functionality-rich portals. Deploy multiple commercial, residential, retail portals and more. All managed from one place.

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Enhance your real estate software ecosystem
Connect all of your systems, incorporating new and heritage systems, and add functionality to bring your legacy data to life. Read more

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Build your own
Choose any combination of powerful Hydra Apps to create your own solution. The possibilities are endless.

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See Hydra in action

If all of that sounds like something you’ve been waiting for a long time for, now is a great time to register for a demonstration. We can’t wait to show you what Hydra can do.

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