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Treasury Tools for Real Estate

Connect to your bank to auto-allocate and receipt payments and offer tenants a self-service portal to management payments.

Verified data in Hydra illustration

Simplify data entry and import

Create SmartForms to capture or import your data. Quickly verify data before delivering directly into MRI Software.

Perfect for importing Journals, CM Batches, AP Suppliers, Invoices, Property Data and more.

Workflow & Approval Management

Create & manage sophisticated cross-system workflows. Define trigger points & approval paths with both native and third party system data. Track every change.


Automate routine tasks and inject speed into business decisions. Capture, route & display correct data every time. Integrate with multiple systems.

Save hours from time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Real estate ready!

Templates available for common real estate processes with ready-made integrations to leading property management solutions.

Are you ready to work smarter, faster?