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Management Toolkit

All the tools you need to manage your properties and agents & deliver exceptional business results—in one place.


Design, publish and manage intuitive SmartForms. Integrate with multiple systems and add workflows. Capture, route & display correct data every time.

Workflow, Automation & Approval Management

Create & manage sophisticated cross-system workflows. Define trigger points & approval paths with both native and third party data. Automate routine tasks and inject speed into business decisions.

Reporting Dashboards & Report Automation

Design custom dashboards or choose from a range of templates with key property & financial metrics. Combine data from multiple sources. Automate the creation of paginated reports with live-annotation. Share with teams, clients and partners.

Tenant & Managing Agent Portals

Provide your tenants and managing agents the information and experience they expect via tailored portals. Deliver data from multiple sources and allow direct data entry into your chosen ERP/CRM. Combine with workflows for approval paths and to trigger notifications and alerts.

You Choose!

Combine your choice of powerful Hydra Apps to create your own property management solutions. Transform communication across your entire network, deliver tailored experiences, inject speed into business decisions or something else...the possibilities are endless!

Ready to explore the Property Management Toolkit?